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Dagger bead bracelet in the wavy shape

The Daggers

I’ve been mostly using round beads to making jewelry like bracelets. On the last workshop in Koralianki store, we’ve prepared a pendant made from the quite different ones. These beads called “Daggers” thanks to two holes give us some other possibilities during beading. As a name implies, they are shaped like a dagger. Thanks to two holes, we can stabilize the bead in one plane, in contrast to “one hole Dagger” beads.

How to connect Dagger Beads together

After some experiments with these new beads, I’ve decided to make from them simple waves. All waves are connected together in the opposite way, to give them bracelet like shape 🙂

The Dagger Bead bracelet

For the bracelet, I’m using here three colors: black, hematite and a blue sea, for each of them the one packet. Tha pattern is simple, but If you want more, please go to my Twitch channel. There I’m going to make a video tutorial, how to make this bracelet, so stay tuned!

black silver blue bracelet black jewelry display justi blue black silver blue bracelet top view straight justi blue black silver blue bracelet top view justi blue black silver blue bracelet from daggers jewelry display justi blue dagger bead black silver blue bracelet front view justi blue

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