wielki test smietanek

The big test of heavy creams

Since I’m on Optimal Diet (high fat, now carb, based on animal products) I find it difficult to buy good quality heavy cream. For those unfamiliar with my diet: the rules of Kwasniewski’s Optimal Diet dictate that 85% percent of daily calories intake should come from animal fats. Ideally you should have a friendly farmer… Unfortunately you can’t always get what you want.
I’ve decided for a couple weeks to visit local stores and test their assortment. Other than my usual types (Jana, Mleczna Dolina) I’ve found some other interesting specimens 😉 I’ve tested all heavy creams available in retail in Poznan. I’ve been to Carrefour, Netto, Biedronka, Piotr i Pawel and a couple organic food stores. My main criterium was 30-36% fat content, known in Poland as “kremowka”. In order not to test the low grade products I’ve chosen only the ones that we’re available in store refrigerators. This eliminates creams with long expiration dates and lower nutritional value.

Mleczna Dolina – 30%

They are available in Biedronka – it has a large container – a cup of 330 ml. It’s my favourite for making hot chocolate for two. 🙂

smietanka-mleczna-dolina-front smietanka-mleczna-dolina-top

Osm Czarnków – 30%

Producer has added a lot of carrageenan which ruins the taste of this otherwise good heavy cream.

smietanka-osm-czarnkow-front smietanka-odm-czarnkow-top

Piątnica – 30%

As the container suggests – it works great for soups 🙂 However it doesn’t taste as good with coffee.

smietanka-piatnica-front smietanka-piatnica-top

Mlekovita – 30%

I’ve bought it once and once only. It just won’t do, even for soups :/ I’ve noticed that most of Mlekovita’s products have a lot of texture agents, like they don’t care about the taste at all. It’s one of the more important criteria, not only for heavy creams.

smietanka-polska-front smietanka-polska-top

Strzałkowo – 30%

Very tasty. One of my top choices 🙂 Unfortunately it’s very difficult to find this one in stores.

smietanka-strzalkowo-front smietanka-strzalkowo-top

Jana – 30%

Also one of my favourites, I’ve been using this one for ten years and it was always a good quality heavy cream. You can find it in Piotr i Pawel and sometimes in Carrefour.

smietanka-jana-front smietanka-jana-top

Klimeko – 36%

A hipster amongst the heavy creams. It has a perfect container for travelling. Available in some organic food stores and Piotr i Pawel. It’s usually available on a chosen day of the week. Because of it’s short expiration date you can’t really buy a larger amount – even when it remains closed and refrigerated it will spoil after 2-3 days. Other than it’s price and availability this one is absolutely perfect.

smietanka-klimeko-front smietanka-klimeko-sklad

Miletto – 30%

It’s tasty and it is also the cheapest one in this comparison. It’s only available in Netto.

smietanka-miletto-front smietanka-miletto-top

Zott – 30%

It’s not very good. Taste like the non-refrigerated ones because of a large amount of carrageenan. Despite this you can find it in the store refrigerators, be careful! 😉

smietanka-primo-zott-front smietanka-primo-zott-top

Piątnica – 36%

The name “śmietana” (sour cream) can be misleading – it’s still a heavy cream. It’s good for deserts because of its mascarpone-like texture. Texture agents added to it disqualifies this cream as a coffee cream. Shame, because it is one of the few heavy creams with 36% fat content. It has a long expiration date.

smietanka-piatnica-36-front smietanka-piatnica-36-top

Wieluń – 30%

I’ve recently stumbled upon this on in Carrefour. There is no information about it’s content, but it tastes like a cream with carrageenan. 🙁 I’ll test this one again, since I might bought it at the wrong time.

smietanka-wielun-front smietanka-wielun-top

NazwaMarkaSklepCenaWaga lub pojemnośćWaga zmierzonaDodatkiSmakUwagi
Smietanka 30%BiedronkaBiedronka3,45 zł330ml346gkaragen4/5pasteryzowana
Smietanka 30%OSM CzarnkówCarrefour2,55 zł200g209gb/d3/5pasteryzowana
Smietanka 30%PiątnicaPiotr i Paweł3,99 zł400ml420gkaragen4/5pasteryzowana, bez GMO
Smietanka polska 30%MlekowitaCarrefour2,45 zł200ml212gbialka mleka, karagen2/5pasteryzowana
Smietanka 30%StrzałkowoCarrefour3,09 zł200ml214gb/d4/5pasteryzowana, homogenizowana
Smietanka kremowa 30%JanaPiotr i Paweł2,13 zł200ml214g-4/5
Smietanka 36%KlimekoPiotr i Paweł6,19 zł250ml-5/5
Smietanka 30%MilettoNetto1,75 zł200ml207g-4/5
Smietanka 30%ZottCarrefour2,36 zł200ml207gkaragen2/5pasteryzowana
Smietanka 36%PiątnicaCarrefour2,51 zł200g207gskrobia modyfikowana kukurydziana, pektyny, kultury bakterii mlekowych3/5pasteryzowana, termizowana
Smietanka 30%WieluńCarrefour2,49 zł200ml211gb/d3/5pasteryzowana
Smietanka 30%+MilbonaLidl2,75 zł200g211g-4.5/5pasteryzowana, HT
Smietanka 30%PilosLidl1,78 zł200g209gkaragen4/5pasteryzowana

This post will be updated if I find any new heavy creams worth of my attention, so be sure to visit again! 🙂


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