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Blue-gold tubular netting necklace

I’ve especially made this necklace for my moms birthday, based on tubular netting stitch. I love this stitch because is very decorative and impressive. You can use it for making spectacular¬†necklaces, bracelets, ropes…

How to make a tubular netting stitch?

You need beads in two or three sizes. I’ve found the great video tutorial by Jill Wiseman:

Materials that I’ve used are listed below:

  • Toho beads 11o Size Transparent Gold
  • Toho beads 15o Size Gold
  • FirePolish Beads 4mm Size Blue Iris

I’ve also used a magnetic clasp in copper color.

Blue-gold tubular netting necklace

Tubular netting stitch in blue gold necklace

Blue-gold tubular netting necklace - copper clasp

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  1. Thavamani Devi Thavamani Devi

    i like this necklace

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